#26 – 365 days of picture books

26 - 365 days of picture books

#26: We Just Had A Baby by Stephen Krensky and Amélie Graux, illustrator

We Just Had A Baby is the tale of a child getting a new sibling and being uncertain about how to handle it. In this case, an unnamed boy gets an unnamed baby sister. At first, he’s apprehensive about her, taking note of her every move. Like all infants, she eats, sleeps, cries and makes cooing sounds. He is a bit annoyed by how his family is enamored by her. In the end, he embraces her and is looking forward to her growing up so that they can enjoy each other’s company. I wished the brother and sister had been given names in this story. It would have made it a bit more personal. Nonetheless, it is a good story to introduce little ones to the role of older sibling. The illustrations are vibrant and playful. It will show well as a read aloud.

Note: I received an advance copy for review via NetGalley.


#22 - 365 days of picture books

Release date: March 1, 2016


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