#28 – 365 days of picture books

#28 - 365 days of picture books

#28: Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

Too Many Carrots is a cute story of Rabbit who hoards carrots to the point that his hole is too full of them for him to sleep in. As he looks for a new place to stay, he comes across Tortoise whose shell he cracks trying to stuff himself and his carrots inside. He then destroys Bird’s nest and Squirrel’s tree and Beaver’s cottage all because he brings too many carrots. In the end, he realizes how selfish he has been. He shares his carrots with his friends and invites them to live in his hole. The moral of the story is that it is much better to share than to keep everything for ourselves. While I loved the story, I wish that Rabbit would have also apologized to friends for destroying their homes. This simple act would have made the story stronger.  The illustrations are fun and colorful. It will definitely show well during a read aloud and be the source of many giggles.

Note: I received an advance copy for review via NetGalley.

#22 - 365 days of picture books

Release date: February 1, 2016


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