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k-8 librarian | avid reader | wannabe techie | bargain bin shopper | designer handbag lover | budget traveler | nfl & nba fangirl

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  1. And once upon a time I knew this girl who turned me on to so many books, one in particular entitled “Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine” which was right up there with the best of Sidney Sheldon any day of the week, and if memory serves me correctly, I got to turn her on to some Tina McElroy Ansa, before the author went into voluntary seclusion on St. Simmons Island. Yeah, once upon a time I knew this chick before I traveled the world and back, when her pen name was Nahmix21. Hey chick, love your blog. I’m still reading…well, writing too, but I still get my reading on when I have time. A friend of mine has been trolling your blog and told me to check it out. Imagine the shock to find out I know the author.

    How’s life chick? Love TJ.

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