#OnRepeat: Blond/Blonde

Blond by Frank Ocean

I like Frank Ocean. And by like, I mean I really enjoyed his debut album, Channel Orange. By no means would I call myself his biggest fan. I wasn’t anxiously awaiting new music. I certainly didn’t feel teased or tormented by the news that his sophomore album was on the horizon. I didn’t jump to purchase it and listen when it released on Saturday, August 20 exclusively on iTunes. Not to mention, I tend to use Amazon Prime Music more anyway. Since it wasn’t available there, I figured I’d get around to it at some point. I had some down time on Sunday evening, much sooner than I anticipated, so I looked it up on Youtube and gave it a listen from start to finish. I promptly went over to iTunes and bought the album.

In the two days since Blond/Blonde released, Twitter has gone bananas for it. I’ve read reviews and comments on social media that give it high praise, while others think it’s an album of weird interludes and not enough actual music. And then, there’s the Beyoncé factor — people must hate on anything Beyoncé touches. Personally, I love the collaboration on Pink + White. Though, I’m not sure it’s much of a collaboration. She simply lends her vocals to the background and hook. Blond/Blonde is definitely different from Channel Orange. Whether this album signals Frank’s musical growth or is simple experimentation, I’m a fan. I like it, interludes and all. It’s worth a listen or several.

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